World junior Team Roping Champianship 2014 Results


 WORLD CHAMPIONS     Wyatt Muggli & Trevor Kirchenslager   
 RESERVE CHAMPIONS     Trevor Kirchenslager & Jace Davis    
14& UNDER CHAMPIONS     Kyler Gomez & Colton Brittain    
HIGH POINT ROPER     Kellan Johnson      
HIGH POINT  14 & UNDER     Coleby Payne    
HIGH POINT GIRL     Taylor Lagrass    
FASTEST TIME    Curry Kirchner & Rance Doyal    
YOUNGEST TEAM    Carlee Gomez & Carson Gomez    

rodeo winners 3014
2014/14 and Under World Jr. Champions - Colton Brittain and Kyler Gome


rodeo winners 3014rodeo winners 3014
2014/14 and Under World Jr. Champions Sponsored by Animal Health Internationa

rodeo winners 3014
2014/FastestTime-Curry Kircherner and Rance Doyal

rodeo winners 3014
2014/High Point - Kallan Johnson (Wyoming)
rodeo winners 3014
2014/High Point Girl - Taylor Lagrass

rodeo winners 3014
2014/High Point-Coleby Payne


rodeo winners 3014
2014/Youngest Team-Carson and Carlee Gomez

rodeo winners 3014
2014/WorldJrChampions-Trevor Kirchenslager and Wyatt Muggi

Special Thanks

  Animal Health International,  Twister Saddles,
 Red Bluff Buckles  Twister, Tessa, Elton and Paula Cain 
 Cactus, Classic & Fastback Ropes  Ardmore Quality Inn,
 Young Pros,  Decked Out, Dally Wrap, Quicksilver and Wrangler,
  the stock contractor, chute help, flaggers,
  office help, announcers,  and most of all, the Contestants,
 their parents   and all the people that got them here.
   You are all awesome.  Thanks for spending your Thanksgiving with us!